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"a sale without sign walkers is a sign of sales walking" is an advertising agency specializing in outdoor advertising, including professional human sign walkers, outdoor signs, and retail sales events.

What are sign walkers?

Sign walkers are humans holding signs. They can be stationary at major intersections, and / or walking and preferably, waving their signs to attract the attention of passersby. Other terms that are commonly used to describe sign walkers include human signs, signwalkers, sign holders, sign wavers, sign twirlers, sign-walkers, and walking billboards. Whatever you call them, sign walkers are one of the oldest and still one of the most effective means of outdoor advertising. The newest and most effective are called the arrow sign spinners.

What makes sign walkers so effective?

There are many reasons why we see sign walkers succeed when other more conventional forms of advertising fail. First and foremost, they target a different customer. The "impulse" buyer. The impulse buyer is ready to buy now. He just doesn't realize it yet. The sign walker creates urgency which is what the impulse buyer needs. Second, the sign walker targets prospective buyers that are already in your area and in their car. Traditional methods of advertising such as direct mail, door hangers, or television advertisements target customers in their homes. These methods, though effective, still require the individual to leave their home to visit your sales event. By targeting people already traveling away from their home you've accomplished half of your goal. Third, the sign walker uses animation to attract the attention of people in a way that stationary signs cannot. Motion advertising such as sky streamers, balloons, giant inflatables and sign walkers have been a favorite of auto dealerships and other retailers for a long time. Savvy merchandisers have long realized the importance of using motion in point of purchase displays, as well as outdoor advertising. Sign walkers are often accompanied by store decorations consisting of huge 4-foot signs and 2-foot community signs strategically placed in the immediate area for added exposure. Arrow signs are also used to aid in directing traffic to your location. This is commonly referred to as a sign event, or sign promotion.

What kind of businesses benefit from sign walkers?

Just about any retail business you can think of, can use sign walkers as an effective tool to generate huge amounts of foot traffic to their location. Auto Dealerships, Furniture Stores, Jewelry Outlets, Linens, Bed & Bath, Restaurants, Fitness Centers, Retail Chains, Spas, Housing Tracts, Game Room Furniture, Mattress Stores, Tile and Flooring Outlets, Carpet Stores, Home Improvement Centers, Hardware Stores, Billiard Tables and more.

How cost effective are sign walkers?

Compared to other forms of advertising, sign-walkers have consistently outperformed other forms of advertising such as door hangers and direct mail, print advertising such as newspaper and magazine ads, and television. For example, sale events using signs and sign walkers are considerably cheaper than most other forms of advertising. They are easily organized at the last minute and seldom take more than a week to prepare. When you consider that for only a couple of thousand dollars you can increase your weekend sales anywhere from 50% -100% or more, it becomes obvious that using sign-walkers gives you the most bang for your advertising buck! Signwalkers are also available in costumes to help promote the particular theme of your event.

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