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"a sale without sign walkers is a sign of sales walking"

Sign Walkers is a full service advertising agency specializing in retail sign promotions. Our main business is the execution of sign sale events utilizing professional human sign walkers.

Who is is a full service advertising agency specializing in retail sign promotions and events. We provide a variety of other advertising services such as direct mail, door hanger distribution, street teams, radio and TV media, but our main business is the execution of sign sale events utilizing several professional human sign walkers and hundreds of outdoor signs. Our ideal clients are mostly retailers such as automotive dealerships, real estate developers, furniture stores, jewlery stores, mattress stores, home electronic stores, or any other kind of retailers. offers services nationwide in all fifty United States and it's territories. We have spent years developing a support network that spans the globe. We have the most extensive nationwide infrastructure in the sign event industry. We are capable of performing hundreds of events simultaneously, nationwide. This allows us to service and maintain an impressive list of national clients such as K-Mart, La-Z-Boy, Broyhill, EasyLife Furniture, Mattress Gallery, Centex Homes, Autonation, Power Group and many more. obtains and maintains quality ongoing repeat customers because we are quite simply, the best at what we do. Others may do it for less, but in the real world, you get what you pay for. If you are penny-wise and pound foolish with your advertising budget, your advertising campaign is destined to failure. The bottom line is this; We can design and customize an effective sign event to suit any budget. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific sign promotion needs.

Any business is only as good as the people that operate it. A sign walker with a 40 ouncer in one hand, and a sign in the other, doesn't do you or us any good. After all, they are representing both your business and ours. All of the people that we use in your promotion will be of good character. We wouldn't have it any other way, and neither would you. Our sign walkers wear bright red t-shirts to maximize visibility and maintain a professional look. Our art department is the best in the business and we frequently turn artwork around in a matter of minutes. All supervisors are top caliber and experienced at utilizing the specific geographic surroundings of your business to maximize visibility and optimize foot traffic. These elements are critical in order for a sign sale to be successful. Anyone can throw a few sign walkers on the street, but the key to success is using good professional people and knowing what your doing!

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